New App - Story Eggs - Interactive Illustrated Children's Books

Hi! I’ve just released this app this pass week - Story Eggs. It’ll be available on Android next week…and in 6 other languages the week after.

I think interactive fiction is a great way to get children excited about reading. It’s a book that feels like a game, and hopefully introduces a new generation to the joys of IF.

I’ve got 9 books done so far. 7 more written and awaiting illustrating. I just need some revenue first to pay for them.

If you could download it, try it out, and then leave a nice review, I’d appreciate it. Downloads and reviews are the blood of independent developers. Without them, we can’t compete with the larger brands… :frowning:

Thank you!

And if you do not like the stories or the app…um…just delete it and forget it ever existed. :slight_smile:

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