Neutral Standard Responses (new extension)

I am pleased to announce the release of Neutral Standard Responses on Github. … ponses.i7x

This is an update of Aaron Reed’s Neutral Library Messages to work with the current version of Inform 7.

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Wonderful! This is an excellent extension to have.

The can't drop yourself rule response (A) is "You can't drop yourself.".

Why was this changed from [We]?

EDIT: Also, from the documentation:

The command includes word not in dictionary rule response (A) is "I don't know the word 'kludge'".

Surely you don’t want to hardcode the word ‘kludge’ into the response?

Thanks for the two bug reports! Fixed and uploaded.

This one was a bear to update to the newest version of Inform, and took at least six full days of work. I was mostly using the texts from Aaron Reed’s version, which, of course, didn’t have adaptive text. I tried to catch all of them and make them adaptive (except for the ones which I kept in “parser voice”) but I missed the “can’t drop yourself” rule. Tell me if I missed any others; the ones which are wrapped in “[as the parser][as normal]” should usually not be adaptive, but all the others should be adaptive.

The documentation was the last thing I worked on, which accounts for the bug there. In addition, I dithered for quite a while about the best implementation to replace “You can’t see any such thing”, since I wasn’t entirely happy with Aaron’s choices, and that was the second-to-last thing I worked on. The documentation should be more usable now.

I checked through the other responses and they all seem good to me. Excellent work!

Hi Neroden,

First of all, a big thank you for creating this extension! I’ve been trying to include as many as possible of the extensions included in Aaron Reed’s Player Experience Upgrade in my game, and this is a big help.

Unfortunately I can’t get it to work with Smarter Parser by Aaron Reed, which works fine by itself. The error message I’m getting is this:

Problem. In the text at '"[as the parser]If you can see an o [...] of this location again.[as normal]"'  , the text substitution '[as normal]' ought to occur as the ending part of its construction, but it appears to be on its own. 

This refers to this line of Smarter Parser:

unnecessary movement rule		"[as the parser]If you can see an object, you can usually just interact with it directly without worrying about your position[if player is enclosed by something] (although since you're in or on something, you may need to type EXIT first)[end if]. Try a command like EXAMINE [get noun example] for a closer look at something[if the number of sp_viable directions is at least 1], LOOK to get a new description of this location, or a direction like [get direction example] to move to a different location.[otherwise], or LOOK to show the description of this location again.[as normal]"

Commenting out the entire Unnecessary Movement section of Smarter Parser allows the game to compile, but I get a run-time error when I try to invoke the Stripping Pointless Words message (by typing "anyway get ").

So the two extensions are not compatible. I only mention this because, in the documentation for Neutral Standard Responses, you recommend using Smarter Parser alongside.

Resolving that just took adding an [end if] to an unclosed [if] in one place in Smarter Parser, so I did that.


I noticed Neutral Standard Responses had a few instances of “here” in rule responses that would better be “[here]” just in case the story tense were ever other than present tense, so I changed them. (That happens in the Standard Rules too, but I can’t change them there.) And I did the same in one place in Large Game Speedup by Nathanael Nerode.