Need Your Help With A Game.

Several weeks ago, I was wandering around Goodwill and came across a game I had never seen for a device I never heard of. Only later after having done some searching on the internet did I learn it was for Sony’s first attempt at creating an electronic book reader back in the late 80s and early-90s called the Sony Data Discman.

I’ve searched and searched and found nothing on this text-based adventure game for the Sony Data Discman. All I know is that the Data Discman released several reference and literature books, nothing is ever mentioned about a text-based game. I’m convinced no one has heard of it. I’ve thought about contacting the developers.

The game is titled Adventure 101: Intro to Tourist, Traps, Dwarfs, and Chivalry. It was published in 1991 by Tsunami Media, Inc in conjunction with Sony Electronic Publishing… I believe it is remake of Colossal Cave Adventure or Adventure

MobyGames - Tsunami Media, Inc.

Tsunami Media, Inc started off making adventure games then moving on to interactive movies… I can find nothing on Tsunami Media, Inc ever releasing an interactive e-book for the Sony Data Discman.

I’m very curious to know more if anyone has any information or point in the right direction, I’d appreciate it. To be honest, I am thinking of putting this up for sale-- I just don’t know how rare or if it worth anything besides the $1.49 that it cost me.

Note: The Data Discman used 8cm CD-ROMs. It’s capable of playing from a computer.

Well, that certainly is fascinating. Do you think this Adventure 101 has graphics, seeing as it was published so late in the commercial era that it probably would have needed something graphical to be on the market (from what I’ve heard – I was born in 1991). Was the Sony Discman some early attempt at a dedicated ereader, like what we have now with the Kindle and similar devices, loading books off of CD-ROM?

Sorry to revive a long-dead thread, but I was looking for information about this game while watching a Youtube video, and this was the only applicable result I got. Just in case the original posters or anyone else who turns this up in a search is interested, Techmoan has put up a review of the “Data Discman” which includes a fairly good look at this game in action. Here’s a link (Discussion of the game starts at 17:30, if the time bookmark doesn’t work for some reason):

Essentially, it’s a comedy fantasy CYOA with black-and-white pictures.