Need testers for two short games to enter into IFComp

I have two games-- One of them is a one-room ‘mousetrap/locked room’ type tribute game, the other is an 11 room sci-fi fantasy type game, where the key is also to ‘rig something up’ to free yourself. I will be entering them both into this coming IFComp and I need testers.

I am the author of the ‘Bullhockey!’ duology, and I promise you that these games are not nearly as long or difficult!

Thanks to anyone interested.


Short? Sign me up!

Well, they are both quite short, but intricate, requiring around 60 moves, if you don’t count the normal trial-and-error that comes with solving puzzles. Both of these games have a hint system, and I will include walkthroughs for both. And, I would like a transcript of your game sessions. Let me know if you are interested!

And welcome to!

Epic IFer