Need testers for release 2 of The Crystal Palace


I released my first piece of IF ever for the Thanksgiving Speed-IF 2011 - The Crystal Palace. If anybody played it you probably noted it was not really finished - you could indeed play it through to the end, but at least one step was quite broken. (So please, don’t go around playing release 1, wait for release 2…). It’s a speed-if game and perhaps not an astounding piece of writing. You have been warned.

I’ve fixed the most blatant flaws, and cleaned things up a bit. It should be pretty much finished. Now I’d like to have somebody playing through it and just sending me a transcript of how it worked out, and any other comments you might have. It’s an Inform7 game. I’m new at this too - do I just e-mail testers the zblorb? There’s a complete walkthrough as well as built-in adaptive hints. It makes sense to send beta testers the walkthrough too, no?

Well, any takers, PM me here with an e-mail address or e-mail me straight at


You know what, I don’t need your e-mail addresses. Version 1 is already out and I’d much rather you’d play version 2, even if you’re not officially testing it. My christmas present to you all:

Version 2 of The Crystal Palace is here:

(That’s a shortened link straight to the zblorb on dropbox)

If you play it, please consider sending me your comments and/or a transcript.

There’s an out of world “*” verb that lets you add comments during play:

  • This is a comment that gets added to the transcript.

If you do send me something, please also let me know if you want to be credited as a beta tester, if not you’ll be perfectly anonymous. Eventually I’ll wrap it up and submit a final version to the IF archive.