Need testers for my game

Hey I’m working on a text adventure made in C# Epic Prose special edition! It’s an rpg that takes place in the mythic land of Epica, an evil dragon has destroyed your home and killed your people you must avenge them at all costs! It’s a text/rpg the battles are pretty advanced, you can attack, run, disarm, use items or even try to talk your way out of fighting, you can attack and kill other characters and steal their stuff, but this will make you evil! The game is complete to play, but I’m still going to be adding a lot more! The main things left are a better dialog system and adding more content, I would love to here some input on this game or the original short game made in C++, check it out!

posting a comment on here so i’ll remember to check out your game. i love fantasy RPG. :slight_smile: also, do you want a transcript of my game, and if so, how do i go about doing it? I’ve only ever played using zblorbs and gblorbs.