Need testers: Easter Egg Hunt and Amazon Adventure


I’m a newbie-noob-n00b who has, over the past six months, learned Inform 7 and created two games.

I’m not entering them in a comp or anything, especially since I’ve received copious amounts of help on them in this forum (warning, may look very familar to those who have read my posts!). I’m just looking for testing and general (gentle) feedback for my own learning purposes. There’s no deadline to meet.

One is called “Dead Pilots Don’t Fly”. It’s a lost-in-the-amazon, gotta-get-home sort of adventure. I created it for a Christmas present for my husband, so it’s filled with things he likes rather than things with commercial appeal. Probably not the most original game, but somewhat big and complex, at least I think.

The other one is called “Easter Egg Hunt” and it’s a lighthearted, hopefully humorous game that I created specifically to hide on my website as an easter egg because my other game was too big to port to web. In this one you find a dozen eggs and that’s that. Some are easy to find and some are hard.

I’m looking for all sorts of feedback: awkward or buggy play, enjoyment level, story writing quality, maybe even whether some of the code is written poorly.

Contact me at shaesays At g mail dotcom. Thanks!

If anyone wants to preview, the files are now all here:

I just noticed some problems with the conversation in Easter Egg Hunt that I thought I had fixed. But I don’t want to tinker with it endlessly before getting some feedback so it’ll stay for now while I work on fixing it.

I´ll have a look at it…