Need someone to run through a Sherlock Holmes game

I’ve finished the alpha stage of my completed introcomp game ‘Sherlock Indomitable’. It adapts two Conan Doyle stories instead of one now. I’m going to do more serious testing in January/February, but I could use someone to run through the current game just to give me their overall impressions (were major clues left out, does it feel like something big is missing, etc.). It’s about 2.5-3 hours long, a glulx game.

The two stories are The Speckled Band and The Six Napoleons. It uses the same conversation/clue system as Color the Truth. Thanks in advance!

Oooooh Sherlock Holmes! Big, BIG fan here (I have a pastiche out there in Kindle format). I’d love to help although my free time is woefully limited these days. I’d be happy to give you general impressions if you like.

Thanks! I’ll send you a pm when I get home.

Me too, please! Huge Sherlock Holmes fan, and also a huge fan of your IF games and reviews :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you a message!

If you can use another beta tester, I would like to give it a go.

Thank you,

I sent you a message!

I’m interested if you have room for another.

Thanks! The first testers found some problems that will take a week to fix or so. I’ll contact you after that!

I’m useless with parser (although a handy proof-reader if you give me a transcript) but otherwise interested, when you’re ready.

Good morning,

I began playing Sherlock Indomitable. As a Sherlock fan, I love the story! It is so Sherlock. The way the story line is directed depending upon the memory that you take up is a good approach. It may just be me, but I like to examine most of the items listed in the narrative. Early on, even items that are mentioned prominently in the narrative cannot be examined. I would like to see some small response not just a stock answer that you can’t see the item here.

I am continuing to play. I fell on a patch of ice here in Kansas a few days ago and stopped my fall with my face. My vision is currently a little dicey, slowing me down a little.

Thank you,

I’m sorry that you were injured! Thanks for the feedback, the stock responses are definitely something I can work on. I think you’re right, that that fits Sherlock’s personality more.