Need some help with images in Inform 7?

Do you mean you want to show the picture when the player enters the room? Try this:

[code]“Test” by Me

Field is a room. “This is a large open field”.
Figure field-illustration is the file “field.png”.

Before looking in the Field:
display figure field-illustration.[/code]

Again it kinda depends on what exactly you need. If you want the picture to be shown only once you can change the rule to “Before looking in the Field for the first time”. To have the player bring up the picture at will you can make a new action:

[code]Showing the picture is an action out of world. Understand “picture” as showing the picture.

Check showing the picture when the location is not the field:
say “There are no pictures here.” instead.

Carry out showing the picture:
display figure field-illustration.[/code]

If there are more locations with pictures it’d be better to generalize and set the figures as room variables instead of writing a separate rule for each room.