Need some fresh eyes

I’ve got an alpha set-up for one of my WIP’s canvases set up. Before I do a great deal of sprite combination and compression, I’d like to get some feedback. Unfortunately, I can’t get a video that’s both small and detailed enough to be helpful.

However! I do have a slideshow! A slideshow you can download. 50 fine representative slices in 30 mb!

“Pretty sweet,” I hear you saying. “Where do I sign up?”

If you have a quickish internet connection, an ability to unrar stuff, and a few minutes/hours/days to devote to my cause, I’d really appreciate some gentle constructive criticism. You can PM me, or reach me at the email listed in the description. … ist&num=50

I’d like to help, but I’m getting this error message: “The archive ‘FTA Season alpha’ could not be expanded, the file ‘ftaseasonscheck765.png’ it contains seems to be broken.” I seem to have gotten 27 images correctly unRARed before it hit that one.

Thanks for the heads up. Let me take a look and see if I can beat it into submission.

Edit: It’s working and unraring okay for me. I’m guessing you tried redownloading? I could email them to you, if you want to PM me, or I could post them individually (but that means you’d need to download them individually, which is a pain in the neck).

Oh hm, re-downloading did the trick. It was also way faster the second time, so maybe there was a hiccup in the download the first time.

Awesome. Thanks for taking a look.

Wow. There is so much effort in this… It looks really good. My wife, an art director, also took a look; she agrees.

The lightning is beautiful.

For most of your specific questions, I say–it’s just fine! The main outstanding problem that I see is the bluff/crag, in a couple of senses:

  1. In cloudy-but-not-rainy scenes such as 600, the crag should probably gray a bit along with the sky, as it does for example in 630. It could probably also change hues a bit more than it does now in response to other seasonal changes (the only seasonal change I see is currently is that the stone become bluer when the snow is on the ground). However, this is not crucial and I wouldn’t advise you to spend a lot of time on it.
  2. The crag is a bit monotonic in its whiteness (I seem to recall you commenting about this on the blog awhile back). My wife suggests that applying a gradient of color to it, lightening somewhat from bottom to top, would mitigate this and give a more realistic appearance. Maybe you could have a couple of semi-transparent gradient overlays for different lighting conditions? (Don’t know what makes sense given the existing setup.)

I think you’re just about there. Now you just need to get started on the animations (kidding, kidding)!


Ahahaha. Ha. Ha.

Yeah, the crag needs something; I’ll look at that gradient. I think it should be possible to fit a filter over it, too - I’ve got a couple of different opacities floating around, and there’s “space” there where it wouldn’t make anything else look too weird. It would darken the sky, but if that’s too much, I can always lighten the respective cloud/sky layer to keep the levels similar.

Thanks for the feedback!

I took a look as well – the clouds look fantastic, and I really love the touches like the V of birds flying overhead in the fall. I think I agree with Erik that the crag needs a little more work to fit in with the rest, but overall I think these do a great job of communicating a particular season and weather.

I “animated” moving through the sequence, and I think some of the trees were jumping a few pixels horizontally.

(Arboreal drift, a real problem in the river valleys of Rathillien…)

Yeah, they are. It’s much harder to tell when they have leaves, but I didn’t quite get all my layers properly aligned.