Need immediate help: inform 7 - scene change is stuck

In my game the scene change machinery is stuck, this does not come up as an error in the code but instead at a specific point in the game. i have a show to put up on friday and its vital i get it fixed does anyone have any ideas???

Please be more specific. By “stuck” do you mean the game hangs, is put into an endless loop, or something else? Does it show a runtime error and if so, what? If the code is too long to post, even an example of the output you’re getting would help.

A total and complete stab in the dark from a complete newbie, for what it is worth: if by stuck you mean it hangs, I would think that something is causing an infinite loop.

There is a runtime error which is phrased “The scene change machinery is stuck”. I assume this is what the original poster has run into. However, we can’t diagnose the problem without knowing what you’re doing.

It might be that you’re doing something in a “when a scene begins/ends” rule that causes another scene, or the same scene, to fire again immediately.

I think this problem usually involves recurring scenes. If you have a recurring scene with a begin condition and an end condition, and both conditions are true at the same time, the scene will keep starting and stopping over and over again. I consider this a bug in I7, since a scene should never start or end more than once in a turn, but then again, it’s probably a mistake to set up scene conditions that way in the first place.