Need help!!!!

Hello! I downloaded zmpp on to my nook and i played a few games, then decided that these interactive fiction games are super fun!!! I decided that i want to create my own interactive fiction games. Im a good writer (not amazingly good, but enough) but gaming is as alien to me as the insides of black holes are to scientists. I really want to create these games though, so cananyone teach me how to program these things (if it even takes programming…).

The most popular platform for creating interactive fiction is Inform 7. I7 uses a natural-language code system, so in some respects it’s easier to learn, but it still requires programming-type skills. I7 has built-in documentation that can be used to teach yourself, but not everybody likes it; there are alternative manuals available too.

If you prefer a more traditional programming style, where code looks like code, consider Inform 6, TADS or Hugo.

Rather less flexible and powerful, but more easy for non-programmers to learn, are Adrift and Quest.