Need help with Summerland

[spoiler]I’m at the part where the 3 characters can be together for the 1st time, and can’t get the monkey out of the room.

The walkthrough says basically that the robot can light rooms with the bulb. The robot has the arm and the bulb, but I can’t find the combination of circumstances to get the monkey not to be afraid of the dark to the east.

Put robot in room to east: monkey won’t go there.
Drop bulb in room to east: monkey won’t go there.
Put robot in kennel with monkey: monkey won’t go east.
Try to take monkey out on back of bulb-wielding robot: robey don’t play 'dat.

What do I have to do?

  • Wade[/spoiler]

Try “x self” as the robot: is the bulb installed on one of the robot’s arms?

Thanks, I’ll investigate along those lines.

  • Wade