Need help with music for test build

Following this text is my code. This is simply a test build, but I would really like to know why my music isn’t playing. I’m still a beginner to Inform and would love some help from you guys!
Extension used is Music.i7x and the song of choice is the Guile Theme (shown below in .mp3)
Thanks for any help!

[rant=(profanity within)][code]“TEST” by Ilya

When play begins:
say “Hi there, kindly go fuck yourself”;

The display banner rule is listed before the when play begins stage rule in the startup rules.

Include Music by Daniel Stelzer.

Sound of Guile Theme is the file “Guile Theme.mp3”.

Figure of goat is the file “download.jpg”.


ArcherMove is a truth state that varies. Archermove is false.

Bedroom is a room. Bedroom is north of the polished front door. “The room is very messy. Maybe you should spend some time cleaning instead of doing some bullshit like playing a dumb game. Oh, you’re surpised I can see you? Well, you’d better be, bitch. Maybe you should open the window.”

a pile of clothes is in bedroom. The description of a pile of clothes is “You need to clean this up.”

After taking pile of clothes:
if ArcherMove is false:
now archer is in Kitchen;
now ArcherMove is true;
continue the action;

George is a person in bedroom.

Georgina is a person in bedroom.

The archer is a person in bedroom.

Kitchen is a room. “A boring kitchen”;

After going to kitchen:
now the sound channel of the Sound of Guile Theme is the foreground;
internally play the Sound of Guile Theme on the foreground repeating 10 times;
continue the action;

An end table is a kind of container. An end table is openable. An end table can be opened. An end table is usually openable and closed.

Wooden table is an end table. Wooden table is in kitchen. The description of a wooden table is “This is a boring oak table.”;

A Knife is in Wooden table. The description of knife is “Ouch. Looks sharp.”;

The polished front door is a door. The polished front door is locked. The front door is north of kitchen. The description of polished front door is “Wow, what a polished front door!” The matching key of the polished front door is the house key. The player carries the house key.


Table of George responses
Topic Response Index
“Who are you” “My name is George. What the fuck did you do to mess up your room this badly?” “Who are you”
“What are you” “I am a dude” “What are you”
“WTF” “My thoughts exactly” “He seems confused”

After asking George about something:
if the topic understood is a topic listed in the Table of George responses:
say “[response entry]”;

up-pushing is an action applying to nothing.
Understand “push” as up-pushing.

After up-pushing:
say “Strong Man”;
continue the action;

List-asking is an action applying to one thing.
Understand “ask [thing]” as list-asking.
Understand “ask [thing] about” as list-asking.

Instead of list-asking a person:
if the noun is George:
let T be the Table of George responses;
List options from T;
say “you need to shut the hell up, alright?”

To list options from (T - a table name):
let N be the number of rows in T;
if N is 0:
say “there is nothing to ask about.”;
say "you could ask about ";
repeat with X running from 1 to N minus 1:
say “[index in row X of T][if N is greater than 2],[end if]”;
if N is greater than 1:
say “or”;
say “[index in row N of T].”[/code][/rant]

[Added rant tag to gate profanity - Mod]

Music support is still experimental for as far as I know and as to supported formats: you got two choices, and MP3 isn’t amongst those (see URL). If you restrict yourself to Ogg or AIFF then you should be good.

Still, solely basing myself on that same website also be sure that your project meets the other multimedia requirements (such as using the Glulx project format).

Hope this helps,