Need help with finer points of story

Original post by Schilcote:

I am writing a game in inform 6 (let’s not discuss reasons now) and, though I have coding well squared away, and I have a general story idea, I can’t seem to figure out a motivation or a distinct objective for my character(s). I need somebody to help me plan out the storyline.

We can talk on #ifdev on Freenode (how many pepole here know there’s an IF IRC channel? :slight_smile:), or through email, or just through this thread.

The IRC probably won’t be such a good idea because I can’t ever predict where I’m going to be at a certian time, and I have no memory to speak of, so it’d be best to use a forum thread. My E-Mail is currently under siege by spammers.

Original post by George:

When you say you have a general story idea, how general are we talking here? Do you have a beginning, middle and end, or at least two out of those three, or do you have more of a setting and a theme?

For a basic start on character motivation, think of it this way. What does your character want? Who (this can be another character or just a general environment) doesn’t want your character to want that? What will your character do to get what they want? What will others (again, either other characters or the environment) do to stop them?

General post by Jim Aikin:

Your main character should have a problem. The problem should be emotionally significant. Solving the problem should provide a meaningful reward to the character.

I could give examples from my own games, but at the moment I’m sort of stumped too. I have several story ideas, but none of them appeals to me. Either the working out of the story as IF would be prohibitively complex, or I don’t really care about the lead character’s predicament, or it all just seems too trivial to spend a lot of time on…