Need help on Structure of custom Flags and Verbs for ZILF

I was wondering, how do I make a custom verb and flag on ZILF (ver 0.8 used at present with concurrent released libraries of course)?

Right now the best I can go by is an object that with NDESCBIT flag, and even examining it would be not a thing since it’s basically intangible, like a skill… Take for instance I have to play chess with death. If I were to walk into the scene of playing chess but have knowledge of playing, which will use the boolean of NOTCHESSBIT flag. And of course I would most definitely lose a game to death on chess, and therefore most likely die and lose the adventure entirely. :stuck_out_tongue: So to deactivate the flag I would of course read a book or learn from an PERSONBIT object that teaches me how to play. I am all thumbs on that so I go to a shortcut and just give my character the then invisible NDESCBIT object of CHESSPLAYER when he/she becomes knowledgeable of playing chess. Of course I will make it where you cannot drop it (which I think the TAKEBIT allows for dropping objects), and when examining it will be in a way where it’s not a tangible description but more anecdotal (of course). But that is only a shortcut for me, and a bandaid… It is not enough of course for me. So I thirst to learn how to structure the flag in it’s “quick and dirty.” As for the verb, take for instance a GRAND PIANO. I am just wondering is it just a simple verb construct of like defining V-PLAY (custom verb of course) from the ACTION routine given?

My bad, if I actually take the time of studying the source files from the “Examples” folder, I would learn how to do this, and faster as well :stuck_out_tongue: Once again, great job doing this beautiful example of history, vaporware! ^.^