Need help Creating basic convo between player and character

Okay so I want my player to Say something simple like “hi” or “How are you?” and then i just want the character to reply with a script. The idea is that the player is a taxi driver and the characters that enter the taxi tell stories but I’m having trouble figuring out how to actually trigger these stories. Any help is massively appreciated!

[code]“Taxi Cab Confessions”

Taxi Cab is a room. “[if someone is in back seat]You drive along towards the destination of [the list of people in back seat].[otherwise][A list of people in Street] [wave] from the curb in the rain. You should GREET a fare.[end if]”

the back seat is an open, enterable unopenable container in Taxi Cab. It is scenery.

A person has a text called cabchat.

Greeting is an action applying to one thing. Understand “Greet [any person]” as greeting.

Carry out greeting:
now the noun is in back seat.

Report greeting:
say “‘Thanks for picking me up!’ says [the noun].”

Rule for reaching inside street when the noun is a person:
allow access.

After deciding the scope of the player when the location is Taxi Cab:
repeat with fare running through people in Street:
place fare in scope.

Street is a room.

Joe is a man in street. The cabchat of joe is “[one of]‘Hey, I’m Joe,’ Joe says, ‘I need to go to southwest 6th and 194th.’[line break]‘Sure enough,’ you reply.[or]‘So what do you think of this weather?’ babbles Joe. You mutter a standard reply.[or]‘Boy these government stuffed shirts are something, eh?’ Joe rambles.[or]‘You get into hockey? Is the hockey game on the radio?’ You turn on the radio for Joe and he falls into blissful silence.[or]Joe continues staring out the window as you continue to your destination.[stopping]”

Understand “guy/man/fare/passenger” as Joe.

Every turn when the location is Taxi Cab and Joe is in the back seat:
say “[cabchat of Joe][line break]”[/code]

Thanks HanonO, i’ve taken sections from this and it’s been a huge help!!