Need Experienced Help

Im looking for a more experienced Inform 7 programmer to help me streamline my current code, and fix problems of bulky bits of code when there are simpler solutions.

I would post all my code but I want to keep it underwraps until its done, so if anyone whoes been doing inform for longer than a year or so could help it would be much appreciated.

I’m just curious, what leads you to think your code needs to be streamlined and could use simpler solutions? Are you running into a lot of bugs, are things not working like you want, do you find it hard to navigate your code or keep everything organized, or what?

The problem is how I keep having to improvise on parts and change what I want it to do slightly. I know that the way I want it to happen is possible but I can’t figure it out.

Are you saying “I need someone to write all my code for me”, or are you saying “I need a coding mentor”?

I have alot of code and I don’t want anyone to write it for me. I just want someone to go through the code I have and make corrections or suggest alternatives. Thats all.

I’ve been getting help from another programmer who had to stop recently. I am now at square one and would like to ask again if there is anyone who can help me with a concept I am having trouble implementing in my game.