Need beta testers for "plague"

I’ve got a short game I’ve been working on called “plague” that I intend to release for the competition coming up. It’s about the 10th Biblical Plague of Egypt, where you are the Angel of Death. I’d love to have testers, especially to make sure that the details of the small actions fit (>sing, for example, does not have you warble out a jaunty tune.) I’d also love for someone who knows their history to play it through.

I’ve got a longer game planned, but of course the easy one got finished first. Funny how that works, eh?

Anyway, it really is just a short little bit of Z-code, let me know if you’re interested!

BTW, do you know about Object Response Tests? Not a substitute for getting some good beta testers, but it might help a bit to check for weird responses.


I did not, thanks! Just installed and checked it out - I realized I needed a custom response to “squeeze” otherwise it assumed I had hands. Thanks for the resource, I really appreciate it. Still new to all the nuances of IF.

This sounds like a game that I might want to play eventually, but for moment I’ll pass over it.

(By the way, I agree that the angel of death should definitely be a crooner, not a warbler.)

Robert Rothman