Need beta-testers for Bullhockey! sequel

I have just finished a super-edit of my second game ‘Bullhockey 2’, I have 3 testers working on it currently, would like a few more. It’s quite a long game, much like Bullhockey!, I would not expect testers to finish the game, plus I will send along a walkthrough. I am hoping to have it ready for Spring Thing, which I know is in about 3 weeks–again, I would not expect a tester to finish the game. Let me know if you are interested!


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Hey, I’m happy to give it a testing. Drop me a link and I’ll Beta away!

n.b. Can you send private messages on this new board? If so, I can’t work out how to do it!

It’s hidden behind a popup: click on the username.

Josh, is it possible to send test releases via PM?? Because there really isn’t a link that I can send. Do I just attach the test release of my game to a PM?


Click the user’s name and the “Message” button, or click your avatar icon on the upper right and select the envelope icon.

You should be able to attach files to a PM. Let us know if you have any problems doing so.

Hanon, I do see an ‘upload’ icon–thanks!

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Oooh. So, now I can see the Message button. As a brand new member (I lost my old email - don’t ask! (TBH, I can’t even remember what it was when I registered for the old site all those years ago) still mctavish2 will do it) it looks like you aren’t actually able to send a message until you achieve the ‘earned basic’ or ‘earned editor’ awards. Thanks Hanon!

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