Need beta testers for "Baby on Board"

Hi everyone! I’m looking for testers for a Spring Thing submission: “Baby on Board” which is a < 1 hour custom parser game. It is designed to be played without the keyboard: you push a button to talk, say what you want and the game speaks the responses. There is a text based input/output interface too, but I’m hoping people won’t resort to that much.

This will be a Spring Thing submission, so I’m looking for beta testers that don’t plan on judging there.

Works on Windows and iPhone at the moment. I’ll DM you a link for install and password to get started.

Thank you!

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If you get it to work on mac, let me know! I can’t read on a tiny iPhone.

Will do @AmandaB! I suspect I’ll have a mac build by the end of the week.

Note, though, that one of the things I’m trying to do with this game is to have it be completely voice based. I.e. in a perfect world you never need to look at the screen, you just listen to your headphones and push a giant button on the screen when you want to talk. I’ve also spent a lot of time trying to make it work with screen readers for visually impaired folks, at least for the start-up sequences.

(Also, I’ve made the font size very adjustable if you do need to look!)