"Nautilisia" - the game

Nautilisia, a bizarre and whimsical dream-world steeped in pseudo-Jungian symbolism, is released all of a sudden!

Here it is at IFDB and if you want to play it then you should try it out at Playfic!


Which symbolizes laughing at the sheer amount of jokes.

Nice job.

YES! Bravo! This was a delight!
Excellent as always! Your games are numbering my favorites these days.

Guys I’m glad you liked the dang game! Thanks!!

The game description is a bit short, isn’t it? Your friend claims to be in a coma. :wink:
I will give it a go nonetheless …

A new version of the game is available at Playfic, but it is basically the same as the previous version. Some tiny little things were added. Don’t worry about it.

As someone who plays text adventures as a way to worry more, I wholeheartedly reject this update and any creative and technical touches that may have polished it.

the first “play online” link is to the old version, can you not delete the link to the old version, or otherwise keep it up to date?

This might not really be the case, but it feels like submitting a new version to the IF Archive takes more work than updating the Playfic version. And I am a lazy, lazy guy. I went ahead just now and submitted that new version to the IF Archive, though. I took the time, but this is what I was talking about when I said don’t worry about it.

Thanks for the review by the way!!!

Ah :slight_smile:. Well, I am lazy, too. It takes me a long time to throw in updates to IFArchive that should not take long, too. Though they have quick turnaround.

And I’m also too lazy to set up my own website to post all my stuff.