Narrascope Videos?

I see the Narrascope schedule where the slides are posted for some of the presentations but some of the topics mentioned on Twitter to have videos are not posted. What gives?

It takes time to gather materials from people who presented and get them posted to the site.

The video and audio recordings were handled by an outside group and are currently being processed.

As soon as more details are known, the video, audio, and slide links will be updated with more information shared across social media and other sites.


Have we an update?

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articy:draft just got the keynote up: Twitter announcement, web page, and YouTube video.


Aaand the next one is up. Here’s the YouTube link for Aaron Reed’s What Digital Storygames can Learn from Analog Storygames. I highly recommend this one.


Looks like articy:draft is getting a new video up every couple business days: Amanda Gardner’s plotting talk and David Kuelz’s talk “midmortem” on a VR/speech-recognition game are now available.

They’re putting them in a YouTube playlist if you want to bookmark or follow that.

According to Dan Cox (tweet tweet tweet) they planned to record 10 of the 30 sessions, so if that all worked out we should eventually see:

  • Keynote: Shaping your story with Emotional Intelligence - Natalia Martinsson.

  • Panel: Dissecting the Bandersnatch With a Vorpal Blade - Heather Albano (mod), Mary Duffy, Jason Stevan Hill, Emily Short, Ian Thomas.

  • What Digital Storygames Can Learn from Analog Storygames - Aaron A. Reed.

  • Designing Games that Listen - David Kuelz

  • Plotting: How Save the Cat Can Save Your Game - Amanda Gardner.

  • Location-Based Gaming: Writing for the Real World - Austin Auclair

  • Player Will Remember This - Why Dialogue Systems Make or Break Player Engagement - Julius Kuschke.

  • Engineering Empathy - Dave Gilbert.

  • Making Horror: Hacking the Brain in Games - Ian Thomas.

  • Worldbuilding Out of Bounds - Jess Haskins.


Right before the Cragne Manor postmortem began someone asked those of us on the panel for permission to record the session. We all agreed, although I did not catch who it was who asked us.

So, in addition to the talks on JoshGrams’s list, presumably there’s a video of the Cragne Manor postmortem session out there somewhere. Hopefully it will eventually be posted to the NarraScope site as well.

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Aaand the last of those 10 videos is up. So maybe someone somewhere has a Cragne Manor postmortem recording, and maybe this is it? Either way there’s lots of good stuff here. I particularly liked Jess Haskins’ talk about how to do a good job of telling stories with diverse characters even when you’re not part of those groups yourself and don’t have people like that on your team. Entertaining and straight to the point.