nanobots twine album

“nanobots” is a Twine tribute album to the They Might Be Giants album of the same name.

Some of the games are quite good! I liked Sam Dukhovni’s Stone Cold Coup D’État, Zarf’s entry, Nouns, and Loren Sherman’s Insect Hospital (be sure to use the in-game back button to find alternate endings),

Did anybody mention this around here? I did a quick search for “nanobots” and nothing turned up.

Is there some secret to Decision Makers? (I guess the point is that all of the options go to the same node regardless?)

Similarly, do the choices have any in-game effect in 9 Secret Steps? (I see that the last choice with the key has an effect…)

9 secret steps has 3 endings based on which figure approaches you the most.

It’s calculated on a two-axis system, with the number of steps being tied to the severity of the destruction (dropping the lowest, guillotine the highest), and the person stepping being tied to the type of object.

One of the endings requires you to drop most of the early stuff to save the good ‘destroyers’ for later.