naming a room

Does anyone know the name of the area of a pizza parlor that is in between the counter and the front door? The only word that anyone I asked can think of is lobby, but that just seems wrong.

Maybe “Service Area” or “Waiting Area”? Or what about splitting that location into a couple different locations? Just spit-ballin’ here.

That would be the parlor itself, I think.


EDIT: No, that’s the part between the inner door and the outer door. (And while technically correct, might be overly fancy; I’d use “entrance.”) I think “parlor” is right.

This will probably not be helpful, but in Spanish we would use the word “comedor” for that, which is the equivalent of “dining room” - a place where you have a table or tables and you eat. So maybe “dining area” could make sense in English?

We have an equivalent term in English, “Dining Area”.

Cataloguing space and finding unique names for locations may very well be an IF writer’s most useful talent. In my WIP I have five locations suffixed with “bedroom”. Charlie’s bedroom, Anne’s bedroom and so on. And they all contain a bed object… Sigh.

Here’s some Bob Marley, for whatever the occasion is.

Err, thanks?

If you’re talking about the area right after you enter the doors, where you wait for someone to find you and seat you, when I worked in a restaurant it was the “Hostess Station” but if I had to tell someone to meet me there I’d say “Waiting Area” or “Benches by the Door” or “Just Inside the Entry”.

If it’s the kind of parlor where you walk over to the counter, order, then grab a table, then it could be the “Salad Buffet”, “In Line at the Counter”, or “In the Booths”.