Name that game

This is not interactive fiction, but adjacent enough that I figured I’d ask here anyway.

I’m trying to remember the name of a fairly recent free indie point-and-click web game, probably no more than ten years old, where the player is stuck in a pre-Columbian temple. Technically it is a first person Myst-like, but the art style is nothing like Myst; it is more arty, 2D, Keith Haring, Jonas Kyratzes, graffiti, psychedelic, underground comics-like, with thick contours and flat, saturated colours. There is constant looping music in the background.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Maybe one of these?

No, sorry. None of those.

I though it might be a Jonas Kyratzes game, as the art style is a little similar to The Sea Will Claim Everything and other games of his, but it is not among the games by him listed online.

One of the Miss Libellule games, maybe? The Mother of the Bird Men Walkthrough - YouTube

(unfortunately they were Flash, I guess?)

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That is it!

I was thinking of this:

Thanks a lot! Now I just need to find a way to play it.

EDIT: It runs in Ruffle but with some weird glitches that kind of ruin it.


Looks to me like it’s been archived in Flashpoint.

(Using Flashpoint requires downloading the desktop software; I don’t know if you can link to individual games on the web.)

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Thanks! I finally got it to work. Getting it to run is apparently the hardest puzzle in this game.