Mysterious error message

For some reason I’ve started getting this error message, and I don’t know how to fix it:

t3make -Fy “C:\Users[[myusername]]\Documents\TADS game files[[mygamename]]\obj” -Fo “C:\Users[[myusername]]\Documents\TADS game files[[mygamename]]\obj” -o “debug[[nameoft3file]].t3” -D “LANGUAGE=en_us” -D “MESSAGESTYLE=neu” -v -d -statprefix <@> -statpct “” “adv3\” “[[sourcefile1]].t” “[[sourcefile2]].t” “[[sourcefile3]].t” “[[sourcefile4]].t” “[[sourcefile5]].t” -res “GameInfo.txt”
TADS Compiler 3.1.0 Copyright 1999, 2010 Michael J. Roberts
The symbol “doubledOver” was defined as an external reference but is not
defined anywhere in the program. Determine where this symbol should be
defined, and make sure that the source file that contains the definition is
included in the compilation.

Errors: 1
Warnings: 0

t3make: error code 1

Build failed.

(The text in double brackets is just replacement text for files names. I replaced them for anonymity or some other reason.)
“doubledOver” is something that was previously in my game, but is no longer. It cannot be found when I use the search function, so it’s not like I accidentally left any remnants of it behind. I didn’t do anything unusual before this error started appearing. Why is this happening, and how can I fix it?

EDIT: Maybe it would be helpful if I explained exactly what “doubledOver” was? I had defined a daemon under modify Actor for poisoning. At a certain point in a switch statement I wrote setCurState(doubledOver), but then realized that it wouldn’t work right to define that as a general behavior in Actor, and instead called a method (“doubleOver”, similar name but I’ve made absolutely sure that no “doubledOver” remained), to be defined on every actor, that described their “doubling over” behavior after being poisoned. I’m rather inexperienced with TADS, so forgive me if that doesn’t actually work how I want it to, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem here, as the error message is talking about something that shouldn’t even be there anymore.

Can you try running ‘t3make -clean’ on the off chance that some rogue object file is causing the issue?

Also, is there a reason you are not using a makefile? You can put most of those options in a file called Makefile.t3m and then build by running ‘t3make’ with no parameters.

I was under the impression that I was using a makefile? I’m running the workbench, and the file I have open is definitely a t3m, so… Did you get that impression from something in the error message? Or is there something I’m not understanding?

Anyway, I didn’t know what you meant by “running ‘t3make -clean’” (I assume that’s some sort of command line thing, and I’m just a TADS 3 novice using the workbench), but I did find an option for what I assume is that very thing, and everything works fine now. Thanks.

Oh, sorry. I thought you’d pasted in the command line you were running. You’re right - in Workbench, the project is the makefile.

Glad to hear things are working now!