MyMUIS Open Development Raffle

Hi everybody! I’ve developed a form of Multi-User Interactive Stories called MyMUIS. I am currently building the prototype and working on several different stories for the system. My goal is to have one complete story to put in the prototype by January 1st, when I’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign.

I am utilizing wikia to develop stories for MyMUIS, specifically, Anyone who contributes at all to that wiki will be entered into a raffle to win different prizes every week! So if you have any loose ideas that you would like to contribute, it could be well worth your while! I’m not super great at creating entire stories, but I’d love to collaborate with you!

For any story element (or coding advice) you contribute that makes it into the final product will earn you compensation and recognition.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or anything, please comment! :smiley:


Could you swap the banner for a smaller-size version? It is sufficiently large that it becomes hard to read your post.

That one’s gigantic! I’ll swap it out! Thanks for the heads up.