My text file markdown template for if mapping (for vim, etc)


i just wanted to publish my personal text file markdown file for if-mapping.

Yeah, it`s really simple, and maybe too dumb for annoying the public in this fourm, but anyway:

For years i searched a mapping tool i could use on alike on Linux, Win, and Mobile(=Android), etc.

The common options are GUI based and force me to use a mouse, what i just don’t prefer.

I always thought about using simple txt files for mapping. This would allow me cloud-usage,portability, git-versioning, mouseless usage, etc. But somehow it never worked out, because of the functions of editors, like linebreaks, different line lengths, etc.

Then i discovered the text based mapping tool ifm, which uses special templates with a fixed table of lines with dots for mapping. So i modified it a little bit and made it more usable for my use-case. And surprisingly this works really fine for me.

Actually im using it to map my Fabularium game on Android with the Droidedit text editor.

Or i use it via vertial split screen on my linux terminal.

You can download the template file here:


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Interesting. Thanks


How about using emacs picture mode and this,

And I thought I was the only one left in the world that still uses emacs and vim in terminal mode…