My review of "John's Fire Witch" (John Baker, 1995)

A couple of years ago @mathbrush wrote an amazing series on IFComp’s first 22 years, where I learned about John’s Fire Witch, a 1995 text adventure by John Baker that I’d never heard of before – but which apparently helped inspire the very first IFComp.

So, I played it, and wrote a spoiler-free review of it my own blog. With the exception of some achingly Usenet-era inside jokes at the end, I was delighted to find that still held up, more than two decades later! And, since I’ve been having fun syndicating my own IF-relevant blog posts on this forum… let me share this one too. (Don’t worry, I’ve only got a couple more of these older posts left, at most…)


Thank you for the great review. This game is next on my to play-list. (After I get through Delusions, that is.)