My restores keep failing

Does anybody else have this problem with I7?

Sounds like an interpreter problem, very little of the save/restore mechanism is handled by the game itself. What system and terp?

I have an intel dell, lousiest computer ever. I don’t know the terp.

Are you running the game in the I7 IDE, or are you running it in an external interpreter?

What computer OS is running on your Dell?

Running it in I7 IDE; have probably Windows 7 or 8.

I’m guessing about the problem you’re having, but I’m a good guesser. For technical reasons, you can only load a saved game into a version of your game that’s identical to the version from which it was saved. If you have made any changes, however slight, and then recompiled, your saved games will be useless; they won’t load. I would guess you’re trying to load a saved game from an earlier version of your work-in-progress.

That’s what the skein is for. Using the skein, you can replay a series of commands in the new version of the game to see if you get the desired results.

Right on. I was having this same issue. I wanted to make sure my saved games were working properly and so I would save several possible endings and call them back in the IDE. They would work fine until I made edits to the work after which they would fail upon call.

I have a CyberPower running Windows 8.1 and I assume that since the saved games worked correctly in the IDE they will function correctly when running in an interpreter.

I do have one issue with Restore though. Instead of saying ‘OK’ when the game is restored I want the game to give the player the description of his/her current location. I have added this to the ‘Title Page’ extension code but it does not work. If I move 'say “[location]” above the rule call it will print the typical starting room description before starting the player in his/her actual room with a simple ‘OK’.

otherwise if k is 82 or k is 114;[this is the HTML unicode designation for R and r] follow the restore the game rule; say "[location]";

Just edit the response to “restoring the game - success” or what have you. Do something like:

[code]restore the game rule response (B) is “[new_restore_ok]”.

To say new_restore_ok:
try looking;
say “[italic type](game successfully restored)[roman type]”.[/code]

The interesting thing is that I had to put the “Game restored” message after the “looking” message (which is what you’ll want in lieu of something like [location] or [location description], because the looking action takes all sorts of things into account, like stuff on supporters and lying on the ground and whatnot). Because if I didn’t, it would print an extra line I just couldn’t get rid of.

Thanks Peter, that was the fix I needed. One question though, where in the documentation would I have found that sort of idea? I don’t remember coming across anything like that.

Dealing with “restore” like this is a strange specific case not directly mentioned in the documentation, but the general principles are under 5.13 (Text > New Substitutions) and 14.11 (Adaptive Text > Changing Responses).

Yep, it’s sort of a hack. Except that it isn’t, because it deals fairly with all the rules I7 has.

Right on. Thanks for the awesome help once again.