My post doesn't show up in the "Latest"-list

I have just added (and edited) a reply to my “Concours FI Francophone '23” thread. It isn’t shown in the “Latest”-list.

(But my previous post to “Site Feedback” is.)

I see it, FWIW.

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It’s worth a lot. After all, other people finding it is most important.
( @rileypb Q: is it the one about La Harpe de Dieu-Rouge?)

Still bugs me that I don’t know where in the chronology of posts my latest one is.

Strange (and annoying, no doubt). It shows up under both Latest and Unread for me.

Thanks @rileypb and @Rax for letting me know.

Happy that you can see it, no doubt, but still annoying as hell on my end.

I’ve just scrolled down the entire list until february 3rd (the date I created the topic) and I don’t see it anywhere. (Perhaps Master Wizard @HanonO has some mystical insights on this? I’m willing to sacrifice a pure-white billygoat.)


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Identified the issue:

Apparently I had unknowingly clicked the “Mute”-button.