My new game Trackless

Hi, I have been a fan of IF, and especially text-adventures for a long time, but I found certain aspects of a lot of games obtuse and frustrating. I decided to make a game inspired by some of my favorite old games, and I think I made some notable improvements. If you’re interested you can get it on Steam here. If you have a blog or a youtube channel and are interested in a review copy, you can email me at

If you end up playing the game I would love to hear what you think, and how it compares to other IF!

I like the visuals from the screenshots. Sort of how I’d imagine MYST in a comic-book art style, especially with the music featured in the video.

I’m not free to play anything until October with my IFComp crunch, but if you’re still looking for reviews then, I may hit you up.

Sweet! I will follow you on twitter so I can see what you are up to also!