My new game made with Texture Writer


I don’t know exactly where on this forum I’m supposed to announce the release of my new I.F (and if I’m allowed to do it).

I just published my second I.F in English, called The liberation. A short story with several endings, about politics, solitude, love and betrayal. I made it with TextureWriter.


Exactly here: Playing>Project Announcements. You’re in the right category!

You either got it right, or a Regular user may have moved it for you, as they have the ability to do! Thanks for the notification.

Really cool, I enjoyed it! I haven’t played a drag-and-drop style before and thought it was really interesting. Great job with the writing and the story.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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loved this! story was really interesting and the whole drag and drop scheme made it very enjoyable!

Thank you for your comment :slight_smile: I’m glad you enjoyed the game.