My Name is Hunt ! Interactive Fiction meets Google Streetvie

Good evening everyone! Last Friday i published my first interactive fiction game and Alex Warren from
gave me the tip to inform you in here too!

It is called “Nathan Hunt - 355 for ships to Marseille”.
It is an interactive fiction that is based on real images offered by Google Streetview.

You can play the first chapter at

Thre are still some graphic problems with Internet Explorer so i ask you to play it with Chrome, Firefox
or any other web browser.

For the next chapter i started a kickstarter campaign. Even if it does not work out i will continue the development
of the chapters but it will take more time :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you in here some critics!

I had a look at this a couple of days ago when I saw it on Twitter. Thoughts:

– I think this is the first non-demo game I’ve seen in Squiffy. It’s neat to see that getting a workout. For the most part, I liked the effect, though sometimes when there were long paragraphs of text, this made me forget/lose track of the fact that there was a still-active link somewhere up the screen.

– the streetview aspect is cool. It gives a strong sense of a specific environment, and it provides an interesting writing constraint. I could imagine using something like this for a more leisurely exploration game with a focus on local lifestyles and cultures, too.

– having so many directions available, and so little information about those directions, made the gameplay feel unguided, which is stressful in a timed puzzle. I did not know what actions were likely to be productive next, so I wound up talking to characters who couldn’t help me, then running out of time and dying. It might be possible to address this by putting more hints into the gameplay text. Alternatively, you could keep the pacing and structure that’s there now and go for a less aggressive time deadline for the player.

– I wished for more polish on the writing. I ran into a number of errors, and also felt that it could have benefited from some editing for length and clarity.