My liminal space otome game is finally out!

Hey everyone! I’ve been working hard on a project for this year’s Otome Jam, and the demo is finally released!
Romance The Backrooms is a F/M dating sim VN about Carla, a daycare worker who falls into the titular liminal space by pure chance. Thankfully, she meets a group of 5 humanoid entities who are willing to help her get back home. On the way, Carla, who’s had no time for love because of her work, finds herself becoming smitten with one of the entities. Will she get out of the backrooms with her love intact?
You can play it here: Romance The Backrooms by Naomi Norbez (call me Bez)
I would LOVE your feedback, whether via the feedback form or through the forum! This is a huge passion project of mine, and I want to make it the best game it can be! Whether you like it or hate it, let me know what you think!


My son loves backrooms. What’s the “spiciness” level of the game? Is it 18+ or more YA?

The animal/person/thing picture/sprite out of the dumpster doesn’t show. It shows the symbol of an unloadable picture.

The music is too silent.

Edit: Using Linux Chromium.

The current demo is more YA, just introductions and a short action sequence.

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More YA! Nothing 18+ here.

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Weird, it’s showing on my version! You said you’re on a Linux?

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Operating system: Linux (not Android)
Browser: Chromium
I used a downloaded version of your game, I didn’t play online.

Got it! I think there are Linuxes at my local library; I’ll see if I can stop by there and test the game.

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