My IF event at the Twin Cities Book Festival

I’m launching my new short story collection Tyrannia at the Book Festival this Saturday from 10-5 CST. We Are the Firewall ( is a Twine I made a couple of months ago, and since I really see it as a digital annex to the print book (it’s set in Minneapolis, and deals with a lot of similar themes of dystopia, stratification of society, etc.), I’m going to be doing an all-day interactive “reading” of it, where people can click through pages and I’ll read whatever they click, with the screen projected up on a nearby wall for passersby to see. I’m looking forward to talking about Twine and interactive fiction in general there too. I’m also going to be using the main Book Fest hashtag to release photos and maybe videos as the day takes place.

It should get a decent amount of foot traffic so I’m hoping people will be curious enough to try it out. Have other people here done IF “performance” in a public sphere? Any good (or bad!) experiences?

here is the specific link to the event: … p#activity

And! The book’s page from my publisher if anyone’s interested: … enditions/