My games on itchio

Quick plug to say that I’ve moved all my games to I’ve followed some IF people I’ve found there already, but if I’ve missed you, please link up!

I also updated my first game Hamlet - The text adventure for the first time in well over a decade. It’s still not the best designed game, but I think there’s now enough cluing to win by anything other than blind chance/readthrough reading/source diving/Monte Carlo simulation.

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I like what you’ve done with your profile page! I don’t find I get many downloads or plays out of

I’ve had just over 1,000 views since setting up about this time last week - I don’t know if that counts as many, but it’s much more than I was getting on my own webspace. I’m mainly there for the analytics and pay-what-you-want capability. (Unfortunately i doesn’t seem to distinguish between “views” and “plays” for web-based games, though.)

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It separates views and browser plays if you look at analytics for the individual game (not the whole dashboard), if I recall correctly.

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oh, so it does! Browser plays seems to be fairly consistently about half of views.

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