My First IF: Lex (Released)

Hello IF Community,

So I made this small IF for a college class. I wanted to play with an idea that I felt may be original to the platform of Interactive Fiction.
The mechanic of changing a sentence to change the world around you. I wondered what it would be like if we, as humans, had the ability to see descriptions of the world around us in plain-text, take out a word and replace it.

I ended up writing a story first for this IF, Lex’s story, and then adapting it into this play-space that I created.
Therefore, the game is very story, exploration, and self-discovery based. There’s not a lot of choice that makes ‘difference’ in the world.
But I hope you will enjoy the story and the mechanic.

Please feel free to give me any feedback, good, bad, mean or kind!
I’m currently studying to be a game designer, but very interested in writing and story-building.
So any sort of feedback is especially helpful!

Click here to play Lex!