my first game experience

hi- just got started on the Glulxe interpreter playing Ferrous Ring.

Its great - especially the menu mode that you can select…

Are there any better interpreter ?


Glulx interpreters are tied to OS-specific display libraries.

Gargoyle runs natively on Windows, Linux, and Mac. ZMPP supports the same platforms and uses Java.

For single platform players, there’s Windows Git on the Windows side and Zoom on the Mac side.

(Zoom also runs under Unix / X Windows but I’m not sure if anyone uses it this way, or whether packages exist for recent Linux distributions.)

Are you playing version 2 of Ferrous Ring? It’s available here (don’t worry if you already started with the older version though because saved games won’t be compatible).

As that game’s author, I’m glad you’re enjoying it, although I certainly wouldn’t have recommended it to a first-time IF player!

You should play Infocom games too…