My epic desktop

desktop by bainespal

I discovered that Cinnamon/Linux Mint actually auto-snaps icons to the edge of the picture. It knows that image is not the same dimensions of the screen, so when I have the picture aspect set to “scaled” or “spanned,” it detects the edge of the image and snaps the icons and widgets into place on the edge. Way cool! I spent too much time wading through Cinnamon’s themes before deciding on Baldr – the light panel at the bottom goes well with the white tree.

Maybe this will help motivate me to make a real game to go along with that breath-taking cover.

I don’t have the aesthetic taste to perfect either the most beautiful or the most efficient workspace. Anyone else have a really impressive desktop set-up?

Mine is with no icons at all. Suits my OCD.

Nice wallpaper, anyway :wink:

The desktop that Jacqueline Lott and I share is set up with dual screens, so it doesn’t lend itself well to screencaps. (One vertical, one horizontal. Never do this. You will never be satisfied with a single screen ever again.) We generally set it up with a glacier photograph spilling across both screens, which pleasingly simulates the effect of just how freakin’ huge glaciers can be.

Yeah, it’s hard to figure out what to do with those icons. The stuff you use the most is probably more convenient in your panel/task manager/dock/whatever it is in your OS. I like to keep just the essentials in my panel and have desktop icons for stuff I use frequently but not necessarily all the time.

It is!

That sounds impressive and efficient. You have me beat!