My Attic (being my contrib to the Amnest day)

Ok, I have preferred that my first releases should be really consistent, but in the end, things should be put out once and for all. Reading the Amnesty day, I understand that the (too many) messing/fooling around with diverse IF languages can be of some interest, let’s cleanse my attic

(note that there’s some jabs to IF community people here and there, my apologies if someone felt offended…)

Let’s start with one of the oldest, and most embarassing, from the filename:

lamerror.txt (2.6 KB)

(written with ADVSYS: original filename lamerror.adv)

Yes. lamerror, that is, lamer+error. I even forget what lame error was done, and the filename stuck… I used this “codebase” for some messing around, but the core remained around here, and I think is a curious example of IF prose, hopefully not embarassing as the filename.

Then a case of “half baked idea, experiment a tiny little around, putting together some code & prose, then forgot about this in a dusty corner of the IF attic”, also in ADVSYS, undated, but probably at least a decade or two, thus fitting the amnesty concept:

oldfort.txt (2.5 KB)

of note, the recycling of the notebook from lamerror, a tiny example of code reuse.

ending with Advsys, my skeleton/shell:

stdskel.txt (1.1 KB)

Perhaps by far the most useful, if any, from the ADVSYS corner of my attic…
… whose, incidentally are the first AdvSys source code released since 1993, by the timestamps in the if-archive.

[to be continued…]

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


now, where the dust really accumulates, and the amnesty is deserved:

the directories inf52 and inf55 !

the names says all, there’s code in Inform 5.

for the “half cooked idea, quickly abandoned in a dusty corner”, I think this 1k source is the oldest one, from the last century, I guess:

Oldbase.inf (1.6 KB)

then, my customary “messing place”, a mansion:

mans21.inf (3.9 KB)

(21 is the year of the most recent presentable messing; I think was around that masonic sword…)

in Inform 55, we have the oldest source with an actual recorded vintage (1994, so I think is the lone surviving work done with my very first contact with Inform, from an archive found in one of these shareware CD-ROM on the market during the 90s… contact whose in 2001 led to my arrival in this community, because, well, in the said archive was also the coordinate of and the r.a.i.f. and r.g.i.f newsgroup… so, let’s give some closure and fully complete the circle:

alphalpha.inf (2.5 KB)

Interesting think to note, I suspect, the little take on the classic red herrings…

Then, a later, but the 2008 date is to be seen with suspicion, because is the date of my oldest IF backup archive, whose in creating it sadly I forgot to preserve the timestamp (vanilla cp instead of cp -a) rendition, slight expanded, in 5.5 of the 5.2 oldbase above, last edited five years ago, 2018:

Oldbase.inf (2.8 KB)

this, last modified in 2014, was my first exploring the intimistic narrative (note the, poignant with hindsight, filename…)

xpr1.inf (4.0 KB)

I think this is all, for the i5 tree.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


now, let’s start with the “Big Three” of the late 90s and Aughties (for the younger: Hugo, Inform 6 and TADS 2), in strict alpha order, with Hugo:

first, what can be most interesting, the proof-of concept of my current major WIP (whose is under TADS3/Adv3), timestamped January 13, 2022 whose shows how the simple, BASIC-like Hugo language is ideal for testing proofing ideas, and is an interesting example of usage of comments (apologies for the Italian here and there in said comments):

isekai.txt (12.0 KB)

Then, my take of a well-known Hugo tutorial, an hopefully interesting example of “how to mess in learning a language”

cryptest.txt (6.1 KB)

now, let’s open that wardrobe, revealing the ugly skeleton inside, my “reversing” the classical “how to handle hunger/thirst daemons” in learning & experimenting with IF languages, the “reversing” part, for remaining in the realm of gentlemanship, moving from “input” to “output”, to put it very mildly…

messhouse.txt (6.2 KB)

On a gentler note, a pleasant stroll in Italian countryside, whose was object of a debate about a bug in this forum:

garden.txt (8.5 KB)

As noted in the beginning, the simplicity of Hugo, as evidenced by the proof-of concept of what is my current major WIP, currently 170+ Kbytes of heavily commented & annotated TADS3 source, render it an useful test bed for experimenting & proving with ideas.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.