Must make player go in one direction first

Can somebody point me into the right direction when two different directions are given like West and Northwest and you want to make them go West first before they go Northwest. I have been using Google for a while now and I am guessing I can’t seem to search for the right words not only on Google but also in Inform 7.

Thanks in advance.


If I understood correctly:

Instead of going northwest from X when Y is unvisited: say "You feel compelled to check out west first."
…where X is the name of the room where the restriction takes place and Y is the room west from there.

Do I need some extension installed for this? The code will load in my story but when I try to go northwest it does go there instead of populating the given text in quotes.

Instead of going northwest from Jessie's House when The Brush is unvisited: say "Don't you think you should check out the sound in the Brush to the west first?."

It’s vanilla Inform. You’ll need to show your code.

(Also if it wasn’t clear from the example, room Y must be previously unvisited for it to work.)

My code is in my reply to you. I am not sure what Vanilla Inform is? Is it another version? I am using Inform 7. Sorry for the confusion. When generating my test game I am saying to Go Northwest first before doing anything else and it goes to Jessie’s House. I don’t do anything else other than go nw. I tried closing down Inform 7 and opening it back up and it still doesn’t stop you from going nw. I am probably just missing something somewhere in what you originally said.


Ok, the code you have now prevents you from going nw from Jessie’s House. It doesn’t prevent you from going to Jessie’s House from whatever room is southeast from Jessie’s House. You need to change it so that instead of “Jessie’s House” it uses the name of whatever the room is where you start from.

(Sorry, with “vanilla” I mean the standard installation without any extensions.)

Yep that did it. Thank you so much. Changing it to the start point made all the difference. You are a genius Juhana. :slight_smile: