"Murder in the Mail" feelie kickstarter

I’ve designed a new story system that tells a story through the mail: The reader receives letters, objects, and artworks every week for several weeks.

Yup, real physical objects sent via snail mail.

The kickstarter is live at kickstarter.com/projects/mu … y-birthday

It includes a bunch of unique prizes, most of which are available anywhere in the world.

The first story is A Bloody Birthday.

Naomi, your cousin, is killed at her own birthday party. One of the guests is the killer, and you have asked them all to write to you and send artworks to help you figure out who could have done such a thing.

Every letter, object, and piece of (quality-printed A4 size) art holds at least one clue.

There is a forum for readers to talk to each other at murderinthemail.boards.net.

I am the curator as well as writing one of the characters. There are twelve writers/artists altogether.

Readers are invited to physically write down their main suspect each week, but other than that it’s not truly interactive.