Multiple Window Issues

Hey guys, I’m new to the forums but definitely not new to IF. I’ll probably find out you have specific places to post questions like this.
I have been working on an adventure for about 7 years now off and on and I finally have begun the major debug plotline beta. However I have come to a point where I am using Simple Graphical Window, and I have setup automatic sounds when one enters a room, but to do so, had to code in an awkward manner, a manner which has me coding that I want not only the sounds, but the room illustration, name, and description listed. However it lists these things in the data input window, not the graphic window. So the graphical window maintains the previous image from the previous room, a room which has no auto sound in the background. Any room I have coded to play auto .oggs, does this. The status line however works fine, and lists the proper rooms printed name, but the image won’t load in the graphic window.


Observation dock is a room. The room illustration is the figure of the ObDock. Observation dock is east of the Apartment. The description is "[if player has examined the Waterlogged Board]West back to the Apartment and you see a cowfield to the North. The dock has been un-taped off, and now people can again walk out to the end of the dock. No one will ever know how morbid and gruesome the death that was here truly was. You will never feel the same out here, always looking between the boards for those eyes to be staring up at you again.[otherwise]You are standing on a long wooden water logged Observation dock that stretches out about 30 meters to the East over a swampy lake. It has a nice dog-house style roof over the farthest portion of it with a small divider wall in the middle, with various papers and signs posted to it of the educational nature. In the distance you can hear a highway. It’s quite the site for watching sunrises. It’s West back to the Apartment and you see a Cowfield to the North. ".

[Issue below–V]

After going to Observation dock: Display the room illustration of Observation dock [in the simple graphical window];
play the sound of the dock in midground 1; play the sound of the lake in background; say the description of the Observation dock.

I am using these extensions and this issue was present before installing them so I doubt they are interfering but really at this point, i wouldn’t be surprised to learn its compounded it…

Include Version 3 of Graphical Window Animation by Erik Temple.
Include Version 9 of Considerate Holdall by Jon Ingold.
Include Version 8 of Conversation Framework by Eric Eve.
Include Version 25 of Supplemental Actions by Al Golden.
Include Version 5 of Intelligent Hinting by Aaron Reed.
Include Weather by Ish McGravin.
Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.
Include Glulx Image Centering by Emily Short.
Include Simple Graphical Window by Emily Short.
Include Location Images by Emily Short.
Include Secret Doors by Andrew Owen.
Include Version 3 of Small Kindnesses by Aaron Reed.
Include Version 2 of Tutorial Mode by Emily Short.
Include Basic Help Menu by Emily Short.
Include Version 3 of Computers by Emily Short.

[I added this one later on to make sounds more realistic in terms of distance and volume levels, but the issue was already happening when I just played the sounds like normal with no added extension.]

Include Version 3 of Multiple Sounds by Massimo Stella.

Any help would be appreciated. If I can get the rooms to load their room-illustrations in the graphical window after entering an “after” code, I could continue having auto sounds without requiring the player to input " Listen to ".