Multiple side images?

Twine Version:
Story Format: Sugarcube 2.36.1

In my game, I am using chapelR’s ‘say’ macro for speech boxes. But I want to have the same character have 3-4 sideimages. One solution I tried was naming two characters as ‘xyz’ and ‘Xyz’. It works but only when first letter is small. Meaning ‘xyz’ and ‘Xyz’ would print desired ‘Xyz’ but xYz won’t.
I also attempted using var but that didn’t work either.
Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated…

<<character 'peter' 'images/char/peter1.png'>>
<<character 'Peter' 'images/char/peter2.png'>>

Do you mean Chapel’s Speech Box System?

Its <<character>> macro allows you to pass an optional displayname argument, that can be used in situations where you want the Displayed Name to be different to the identifier you’re using for that character.

Like when you want to define two characters with the same “Name” that have different portraits…

<<character 'peter-happy' 'Peter' 'images/char/peter1.png'>>
<<character 'peter-sad' 'Peter' 'images/char/peter2.png'>>

Which you can now reference in a Passage like so…

<<peter-happy>>I'm happy<</peter-happy>>
<<peter-sad>>I'm sad<</peter-sad>>

note: you don’t need to use the peter-happy and peter-sad names / identifiers I used in my example, just make sure whatever ones you do use meet the name parameter related restrictions found in the documentation of the Macro.add() function.

NOTE: Names must consist of characters from the basic Latin alphabet and start with a letter, which may be optionally followed by any number of letters, numbers, the underscore, or the hyphen.

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