Multiple properties for persons

I’d like to be able to “tag” groups of people, but am running into a conflict with their gender property. Is there a way to tag groups of people for reference later?

Something like:

The Library is a room.

Kevin is a man in the Library.
Susie is a woman in the Library.
Henry is a man in the Library.

An investigator is a kind of person. Kevin is an investigator. Susie is an investigator.

So, later I’d be able to say if the noun is not an investigator, do this thing.

You can do it but not with a kind. Since man and woman are distinct kinds, you can’t make a kind that’s a subclass of either.

You can say this, though:

A person can be an investigator.

Kevin is a man. Kevin is an investigator.

[or even, although it reads clunky:]

Kevin is an investigator man.

(This defines a property. What you were defining before was a kind. Not the same situation.)


Awesome. Thank you!