Multiple figures

Good evening, all!

Is there a way to display figures (.png) in sequence without a line break?

Here is the coding that I use:

Figure of digital e is the file "digital E.png ".
Figure of digital 3 is the file "digital 3.png ".

when game begins:
display the Figure of digital e;
display the Figure of digital 3.

I have tried listing them in sequence on the same line, also have tried to command no line break as part of the name of the file. Didn’t think that either would work, and it didn’t.

Once again, thank you!

Guess that’s a ‘no’ lol :laughing:

The trouble here is that “Display the figure of …” ends up calling the I6 template function DisplayFigure(), which looks like this (from Figures.i6t):

[ DisplayFigure resource_ID one_time; if ((one_time) && (ResourceUsageFlags->resource_ID)) return; ResourceUsageFlags->resource_ID = true; print "^"; VM_Picture(resource_ID); print "^"; ]; Those I6 “^” newlines are what’s causing the problem. To get round that, you’ll need to be able to draw the picture without using this method. There might already be an extension to handle this, but anyway, the simplest way I can see is to define a new phrase to display the figure by calling the template function VM_Picture() directly, like this:

To display (F - a figure-name) without newlines:
(- VM_Picture(ResourceIDsOfFigures–>{F}); -).

After some condition:
say “Leading text”;
display the Figure of digital e without newlines;
display the Figure of digital 3 without newlines;
say “Trailing text”.
[/code]Admittedly this is all a bit low-level scary hackery, but it’s only a bit of it …

The "display… " phrase would be easy enough to parameterize so that one could choose whether or not to include the newlines, but since the base function is at the i6t level, this is probably best phrased as a feature request. You can make such a request at:

If you do, I’d say there’s a very good chance it would be included in the next release, since it’s a pretty straightforward change and would not threaten backwards compatibility.

This topic might also be mentioned in Peter’s monthly digest of forum activity for Professor Nelson et al.

Wow, thank you. That answer was way beyond my capability to research and create. But easily within my ability to copy and paste.

Thank you for your expertise!

I wasn’t planning to, especially since as you say it’s best phrased as a feature request.

If the request HAD been made in the past, I’d certainly bring it to Emily Short’s attention, in the context of “Hey, this has come up again, so maybe it’s higher priority than it seemed at first”.