Multiple Definition Bug

The bug making it impossible to override an adjective definition with a later redefinition has been open for a while now ( )

It doesn’t seem to be actively worked on at this point - is there any way to vote for it to be given a higher priority? (I already hit the “monitor” button on Mantis).

Graham typically closes bugs when he does a release, and he typically does a release when he’s dealt with all extant bugs. (He doesn’t always comment on bugs that he’s working on, anyhow.) So priority isn’t really an issue.

OK, so that implies it will probably be fixed in the next release. I can wait for that (I already am, since the April announcement). Thanks.

You might be waiting a while. :slight_smile: If what zarf says is true, there are currently 350 unassigned bugs and about 63 assigned. I assume there’s some sort of test phase that takes place as well prior to release. So with the those bugs still to be fixed, plus the 214 that already have been resolved, that could be a long regression test process. Given that some posts have shown extensions that don’t work with the last release, I’m wondering if extension headaches will be another concern.

What Zarf is saying is that Graham closes the bug reports in batches, but that doesn’t mean the bugs themselves wouldn’t be fixed. You can’t tell what the actual status is based on the Mantis data.

Extension headaches are likely to continue, as extensions are contributed by a lot of people and not all of them update them.

Yup. That would make a great argument though for updating the extensions early in the “pre release” process, when the implementation is pretty well nailed down. Even if the original authors are not available, it seems like a process for doing this might be good.

I guess that’s one of the challenges of a extension based system. Reminds of Minecraft plugins. :slight_smile: They’re great – except when new versions come out! That said, Inform has a large enough release cycle time – years! – that extension issues should ideally be minimal.

Juhana: I got that was what Zarf was saying. That was my point. With so many bugs still to be fixed, a new release could be awhile away unless those bugs are all incredibly easy to fix and regression test for.

Perhaps it is then I who don’t understand what you’re saying. It sounds like you’re worried that all open bug reports in Mantis are not yet fixed, but what I’m saying that if a bug report is still open in Mantis, it doesn’t mean that the bug is unfixed. The bug might have been fixed a year ago, but the report is still open until when Graham closes it in the pre-release cleanup. In other words, there might be 10 bugs actually left to fix, not 400+. You just can’t tell based on what’s in Mantis.

But again, that’s up to each individual extension author. I don’t believe there’s anyone who really goes through and deletes old or obsoletized extensions (someone writing for an old version of I7 might want one of them anyway!) and there’s never a guarantee that any given extension will have been updated in the last year(s).

You’re worrying too much about it. You don’t have to upgrade inform; updating an extension isn’t that hard to do yourself; and many of the authors of popular extensions are active in the community and likely to update them. For those few that aren’t that active, chances are, somebody is using that extension and will either submit their update, or give it to you if you ask.