Muggle Studies

I’ve been playing the game “Muggle Studies” and have to admit I’m just stumped! I can’t find any hints to my particular issue online or in the in-game hints, so I’m going public!

[spoiler]I am currently stuck in Dumbledore’s office, with all of the required materials to cast the counter spell, and the word… but nothing. It keeps saying I’m missing something. I have all the objects from the list and that were mentioned as needed by the hints section. The only thing I can think of is something to do with the toad, as everytime I mention the toad it gives me an extended description (looks like grandma’s pet etc) which it doesn’t do for any of the other objects.

Also I wasn’t sure if these objects had to be placed in certain areas, but no amount of experimenting seems to give me particular places to put them.[/spoiler]

Any clues? I’m sure it is something small…

I haven’t played this game yet. Could you please tag your post for spoilers?

SPOILERIFIC ANSWER in three parts, progressively more explicit.

There is a specific place you need to put the objects. Recheck the description of the original spell.

Remember that the instructions mention putting them on the diagram originally drawn by the spellcaster. Dumbledore has drawn a diagram somewhere in his office.

Put everything on his desk.

Thanks very much emshort!
Sorry bowsmand - I’m new to gaming forum posts, I’ll remember the spoiler tag next time!